Raigar History

Raigar History -

The Raigar, Raiger, Ranger, Regar or Rangar, spelt in various forms, are a community of leather tanners in the Union Territory of Delhi. They are also known as Raidas, Jatia, Rangya and Bota. The word Raiger is a corrupt form of Raingaya, i.e. those who engage themselves in leather tanning. Those who immigrated to Delhi from Rajasthan claim Rajput ancestry. They converse among themselves in Marwari and use the Devanagari script for writing. With others, they speak in the Hindi language. They are non-vegetarians. Wheat is their staple diet. Occasionally they also take jao, bajara, chana and rice. There is a tendency among some of them to become vegetarians under the influence of the Arya Samaj or Radha Soami movements. There are three subgroups, namely Sindhi Raiger, Lashkaria Raiger and Raigar. Marriages take place among all the three. These subgroups are further divided into a number of clans (gotras), such as Phulwaria , Bandarwal, Dhuriya, Jajoria, Kankheria, Rachoiya, Mauria, Jaggarwal, Atolia, Jaluthria, Dotania, Vohra, Mehra, Heria, Rathor, Tongaria, etc. -
The Raigar Gotras